Which cryptocurrencies are BEST to invest in today?

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3 min readJun 9, 2020

Is it worth investing in cryptocurrencies at all? For some people the idea of this kind of investment is not the best idea, however, someone invests actively and will be rewarded for it.

The main objective of the investment is to buy coins that can be more expensive after some time. Thus, it is necessary to invest either in already stable cryptocurrencies that are growing or in new and promising cryptocurrencies. You definitely need to invest wisely, having previously studied the basics of blockchain technologies, learn how to create cryptocurrency wallets, and correctly process transactions. Then, you need to generally study the market, analyze the prospects of a project. If you are considering a certain coin for investment, then you need to pay attention to such indicators as:

1. Stability Level
2. Criteria and reasons for future growth
3. Safety
4. Convenience of storage and movement

May was a month full of events for the world of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Halving made many crypto investors nervous. This month they tested their analytical skills and tried their luck. Coins have passed the test of strength. Nevertheless, crisis periods end and competent investments generate income. In 2020, we can talk about the following interesting options for crypto investment:

Now it costs about 68 dollars, its capitalization is 1,138,805,955 dollars. This is a relatively new cryptocurrency, which appeared about three years ago and almost immediately appeared in the list of the most popular cryptocurrencies. This is a completely independent unit which has nothing in common with Bitcoin. The creators set the development of a maximally anonymous service that could protect the data of transaction participants using the CryptoNote protocol as their main goal.

This currency is a Japanese development, which was released in 2015. Interest in this digital payment system quickly moved beyond Japan. Its basis is a decentralized anonymous network, which was originally developed for the safe conduct of operations by banks. An interesting feature of the network is the ability to conduct more than 3000 transactions per second.

ETH coins are necessary for millions of developers and companies to conclude smart contracts, release decentralized applications, and pay a fee.

The NEO cryptocurrency is included in the TOP 50 of the Coinmarketcap rating and, unlike Ethereum, the maximum coin issue in this project is limited. The ecosystem is actively developing, cooperation with popular blockchain startups as Bancor, Coindash, and Agrello has already been established.

The Stellar team has negotiated a partnership agreement with financial companies Tempo and ZED, ICO Smartlands and Mobius, and large banks. The XLM blockchain has high throughput, there is no additional emission and only 5% of all created coins are controlled by the Stellar Foundation.

Bitcoin continues to lead the market. The relevance of investment in this coin, according to many cryptoanalysts, is only growing, that’s why we advise you not to throw it off.

Well and the most important thing is to remember that peace of calm and patience are the two best friends of crypto investments. Good luck!



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