Top 5 most explosive coins of 2021

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4 min readDec 11, 2020

We are approaching 2021. The sphere of cryptocurrency no longer causes as much mistrust and skepticism as it did a couple of years ago. Nowadays it is obvious that the digital currency will take a significant place in the global economy due to its conceptual and functional value.

Currently, world banks, large brands, and opinion leaders talk about it quite loudly. Thus, we would like to bring to your attention coins which we see significant potential for growth in the new 2021 year. The attention of the majority is now directed towards top coins, such as $BTC, $ETH, $XRP, $LTC, $ADA. It is absolutely justified, as one should not overlook them. However, it is also important to look towards those coins, which growth can be really powerful and explosive.

5th place — Elrond (EGLD)
Token price — $ 13.68
Market Cap — $ 198,828,045

Elrond is a blockchain protocol that tends to offer extremely fast transaction speeds by using sharding. The project describes itself as a technology ecosystem for the new internet, which includes fintech, decentralized finance, and the Internet of Things. Its smart contracts execution platform is reportedly capable of 15,000 transactions per second, six-second latency, and a $0.001 transaction cost.

The project is large and has an incredible scale of partnerships, which builds trust and provides an excellent foundation in order to exceed its historical maximum dozens of times in the near future.

4th place — Cosmos (ATOM)
Token price — $ 4.55
Market Cap — $ 930,271,141

Cosmos positions itself as a project that solves some of the “hardest problems” which the blockchain industry faces. It aims to offer an antidote to “slow, expensive, unscalable and environmentally harmful” proof-of-work protocols, like those used by Bitcoin, by offering an ecosystem of connected blockchains.

The project sets global goals. Time will tell whether it is possible to achieve them. In spite of this due to its manufacturability, the token takes its place in our list.

3th place — VeСhain (VET)
Token price — $ 0.015
Market Cap — $ 967,148,529

VeChain is a blockchain-powered supply chain platform. Started in 2015 and launched in June 2016, VeChain aims to use distributed governance and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to create an ecosystem which solves some of the major problems with supply chain management.

The idea of tracking supply chains is more relevant than ever these days. In addition, recently the coin has negotiated a number of successful partnerships with major global brands and the number of such partnerships is constantly growing, which indicates the active development of the project.

2th place — Basic Attention Token (BAT)
Token price — $ 0.204911
Market Cap — $ 300,599,010

Basic Attention Token, or BAT, is the token that powers a new blockchain-based digital advertising platform designed to fairly reward users for their attention while providing advertisers with a better return on their ad cost.

The access is provided through the Brave Browser, where users can watch privacy-preserving adverts and receive BAT rewards for doing so, at the same time, advertisers can deliver targeted ads to maximize engagement and cut down losses because of ad fraud and abuse.

One of the factors in choosing potential coins was the factor of their applicability in life. This coin has a lot of real uses and is the token of a popular product in the crypto world, the Brave browser. We believe that the active development of this product, the applicability of the coin, and the fact that the price of the coin has now dropped are signs of its rapid growth.

1th place — Dash (DASH)
Token price — $ 88.38
Market Cap — $ 867,277,357

Dash is an open-source blockchain and cryptocurrency focused on offering a fast, cheap global payments network. It is decentralized by nature. According to the project’s white paper, Dash aims to improve Bitcoin (BTC) by providing stronger privacy and faster transactions.

Dash tops our list as the most promising long-term investment coin of 2021. This cryptocurrency is safe and anonymous, its historical maximum is at $ 1642, and now the price of the coin is 18 times less. Among the main advantages of DASH we should name anonymous transactions, confirmation of payments through masternodes, instant payments with low fees.

Definitely, these are just a few coins that should certainly be in your wallet by the end of 2020. However, as experienced crypto investors advise, it is better to keep about 15–30 coins in a wallet. Thus, very soon we will share with you coins, which should also not be forgotten. They may not give x50 or x100, but small x2, x3 can also be very pleasing in the aggregate.

Share your predictions for the coins that could explode in 2021 and make a profitable investment!



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