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3 min readAug 21, 2020

We are happy to announce our new affiliate program, which allows you to benefit easily, constantly increasing your income. Just post our referral link or banner on a forum, your blog, channel, or anywhere else, or integrate our API into your system, and earn revenue from each customer who clicks on this link or makes a transaction on your platform! It is so simple! Hurry up to get 0.005 BTC bonus for registration, join now!

- 0.005 Bitcoins welcome bonus for the registration
- Up to 0,7% share of every referrals’ transaction as a reward for referral exchanges
- Possibility of unlimited growth of your affiliate network, and as a result, the rapid growth of your income
- BTC payments on your request. No need to wait, get your coins when it’s convenient for you
- Accessible to everyone. Easy and fast registration and intuitive interface
- Our support team is always ready to assist and answer any questions
Become an Exolix’ partner and start earning now!

How does it work?
We provide several options for cooperation, so you can choose the one which works for you best:

API integration — Implement our API into your system and start earning from your users’ exchanges. After integration of Exolix’ API, you will have high-quality exchange service on your own platform and, as a result, ampler opportunities for your users who will be able to exchange cryptocurrency without leaving your platform. Our support team also helps on all integration steps.

Referral links, signature, and banners — Share our service link with your audience and receive profit in BTC from every referrals’ transaction. This option is pretty simple. You just generate a referral link or choose a banner in your personal account, place it on your channel, social media, website, or anywhere else and gain profit every time when users make transactions by clicking your link or banner! You can create multiple referral links to be able to place them in different places and analyze revenue through each of them.

Your reward
After registration, your account will be rewarded with a bonus of 0.005 BTC for signing up.

There are five Affiliate Levels with different rewards. Starting from the first transaction, you gain 0,5% from each one (Level 1). The maximum reward is 0.7% of every transaction volume (Level 5).

See the table:

New member — 0.5% — 0,1–150 BTC
Member — 0.55% — 150–300 BTC
Full member — 0.6% — 300–600 BTC
Senior member — 0.65% — 600–900 BTC
Legendary 0.7% — 900–1200 BTC

You can also see and try our interactive tool to calculate the amount of BTC you can earn in Affiliate Program section.

You can track your Affiliate Level in the Affiliate Program account in the upper left corner. You can also track the revenue through every affiliate link you have, by selecting the tab with this link.

The share of the transaction volume is calculated in BTC at the current rate at the time of completion of the exchange.

How do I withdraw earned funds?
The first time you will be able to withdraw your earnings is when your balance reaches the minimum amount of 0.015 BTC. For all next withdrawals, your balance only should be greater than the network fee (0.0004 BTC).

You can see your current balance and affiliate transactions stats on the ‘Referral transactions’ tab.

To withdraw the earnings, you need to press the “Withdrawal” button. After that, you should enter the withdrawal amount, considering that the minimum amount for the initial withdrawal is 0.015 BTC, and the 24h withdrawal limit is 0.2 BTC. After that, enter the BTC address, if necessary, save it in the system, and press the “Withdraw” button.

If you have any questions about our affiliate program, please contact us via email and we will help you to start earning and pick the best cooperation option for you.



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