DeFi — what is the power?

  1. Lending — DeFi involves the creation of a fully-fledged digital lending institution that can provide people with all the financial services they need, but without intermediaries.
  2. Payment services — the use of the DeFi system provides a reduction in transaction support costs and opens up the opportunity to complete instant crypto transactions.
  3. Stablecoins — DeFi allows the creation and use of cryptocurrencies, which have the main feature of minimizing price volatility by linking its value to the underlying asset.
  4. Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) are platforms that decentralize the basic functions of an exchange, including trading / exchanging assets, reconciling orders, and placing deposits. All parts of the exchange form a distributed network that eliminates the need for intermediaries and enables trading through smart contracts.
  5. Insurance — providing a wide range of services, including insurance against protocol hacking, technical and other errors that can lead to loss of funds, the bankruptcy of the issuer of tokens or stablecoins, and many others. With the help of DeFi insurance, you can get your funds back in case of problems with the project.
  6. Prediction Markets — DeFi markets involve determining the likelihood of future events, but without intermediaries. Any user can see which outcome of events more people believe.



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Exolix Exchange


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